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Date Aired or Published 2016
Media outlet where first aired or published: Telegraph-Journal
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Location: Saint John
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Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

Aug. 23 cartoon: The New Brunswick government indicated over the summer that it had strong interest in marijuana as part of a job creation strategy for the province. This included a $4-million loan for one would-be marijuana producer in the province, and an already-announced $1-million payroll rebate package for another. This cartoon from Aug. 23 by Greg Perry pokes fun at the popular view of the marijuana sector’s economic potential. Nov. 5 cartoon: At the same time that New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant was assuring everyone that the province’s economic performance was top priority, the government also reintroduced legislation to alter the Judicature Act, changing the government’s role in deciding where judges can live. These changes were presented as innocuous but were contentious (causing the bill to die unpassed in the spring sitting of the legislature). The fact it was reintroduced when by several measures New Brunswick’s economy was gasping caused editorial cartoonist Greg Perry to question the ranking of priorities in government. This cartoon was published Nov. 5. Nov. 24 cartoon: Arguably New Brunswick’s most popular swimming destination, Parlee Beach, was afflicted with several spikes of fecal contamination during the summer of 2016. Access to timely information about water quality was limited, however, meaning swimmers rarely could see the full picture. When a more thorough investigation in the fall indicated the beach water had truly been compromised at times, likely by a leaky sewer or inadequate septic system along a nearby creek, Health Minister Victor Boudreau responded by indicating the government would form a committee to meet over a period of many months, a result that seemed both misdirected and lacklustre to editorial cartoonist Greg Perry. He drew the corresponding cartoon for the Nov. 24 publication of the Telegraph-Journal.

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