AJAs 2016 Finalists


Slug/Label N/A
Date Aired or Published June 25, 2016/ March 04, 2016/ May 06, 2016
Media outlet where first aired or published: The Chronicle Herald
Name of Program: N/A
If co-produced, list partner: N/A
Location: Halifax, N.S.
List awards, grants: N/A
Running time (TV/Radio): N/A

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

1) Fuel to the Fire - March 17, 2016 Demagogue Donald Trump inflames widespread discontent in middle class America. 2) Free At Last - June 25, 2016 On the strength of the divisive Brexit campaign, Britain votes to leave the European union. 3) Fort Mac fire brigade - May 06, 2016 Canadians unite in support of Fort Mac evacuees as a massive wildfire engulfs the region.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

1 working day required to complete each. Cost of pens, watercolour and paper (for each cartoon: less than 2 dollars)

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