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Date Aired or Published October 2017
Media outlet where first aired or published: The Deep Magazine
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Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

Since moving to the Maritimes in 2012, freelance food writer Karen Pinchin frequently fielded the same frustrated question from many of the region’s home cooks and restaurateurs: “Why can’t we buy better seafood?” The question that inspired this piece gestated for several years; the reporting took place over several months in 2016 and 2017. Once the concept was approved by The Deep, Karen dove into the material, reading comprehensively on the history of the Atlantic fishery, and making self-funded trips throughout the region to visit fisherman, divers, restaurateurs, distributors, environmentalists, grocery-store employees, historians, and seafood buyers. Eventually Karen and the Deep editors realized the story needed a broader global perspective. With some financial support from The Deep, Karen planned a last-minute trip to Boston for Seafood Expo North America in March 2017. This is where the threads of her reporting came together, as many of the personalities she had previously interviewed were there, making the Boston Expo a logical climax—narratively and thematically—for the piece. This is a secretive and tight-lipped trade, yet on the last day of the conference, standing on Boston’s historic seafood port, she persuaded a seafood distributor to take her on a tour of his plant that morning. As with any piece of this length, Karen interviewed many more academics, fishermen, retailers, and economists than are quoted; we are certain this depth of reporting gives the story an authority and regional nuance often lacking in business coverage of this topic in national media. Thanks to good timing, dogged reporting, careful editing by Chelsea Murray, and lush photography of fresh seafood from Jessica Emin, we believe this piece resonated with readers, and captured an important and timely snapshot of an underreported industry.

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