AJAs 2017 Finalists


Slug/Label Come From Away Opens on Broadway
Date Aired or Published March 10, 12, 13
Media outlet where first aired or published: NTV
Name of Program: NTV Evening Newshour
If co-produced, list partner: n/a
Location: Gander, New York City
List awards, grants: n/a
Running time (TV/Radio): 4:38, 2:56, 2:40

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

The Broadway musical “Come From Away” opened on March 18th in New York City. Some characters in the show are based on people from Gander, NL. NTV’s Heather Gillis went to Gander, NL to profile some of the people who are characters in the musical. We followed the "Ganderites" to Broadway and Ground Zero in New York City.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

Videojournalist Heather Gillis wrote, shot and edited the first story, which aired on March 10th. Heather Gillis drove for four hours to Gander from St. John's on Wednesday, March 8th. She had three hours to interview the people who are characters in the show and get all cover shots needed. Then she drove another four hours back to St. John's on the same day. Gillis put the first feature together on Thursday, March 9th, except for her standup. The standup was shot in New York on Friday, March 10th upon arrival in New York. The standup was sent back to the station via FTP and attached to the package by a production assistant just in time for air, as flights were delayed. Cameraman Tony Barrington accompanied Gillis to New York City. He shot the video in New York City. Gillis wrote and edited the stories, and shipped them back to NTV via FTP. The total trip cost $3000.00.

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