AJAs 2017 Finalists


Date Aired or Published
Media outlet where first aired or published: Journal Pioneer
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Location: Summerside
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Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

Dear Judges, 1.) The first in this year’s submissions is a subtle commentary about ongoing native land claims. In P.E.I. the local Mi’kmaq lay claim to the entire province and have had ongoing disputes with the provincial government to include them whenever Crown land is being bought and sold. 2.) As we all know, Canadians have been debating the appropriateness of honouring historical figures with checkered pasts (some argue they were heroes while other contend they were tyrants) by errecting statues and naming landmarks and places after them. Halifax, of course, has Cornwallis while P.E.I. (as well as Nova Scotia) has Lord Amherst among others. In this cartoon, Wright humorously proposes an alternative to dealing with these issues as they arise. 3.) In the latter part of 2016 and the early part of 2017, P.E.I. experienced a spat of thefts of privately-owned automated teller machines from local stores, especially in the West Prince region. The machines were usually ripped out by vehicles and later found damaged and emptied of their contents in remote locations. The acts captured the attention of many Islanders and Wright proposed a new sport be created to tap into the interest.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

Journal Pioneer editorial cartoonist Wayne Wright’s hyper-local cartoons have been appearing daily in the Journal Pioneer in Summerside for nearly four decades.

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