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The recipient of the 2011 AJAs Lifetime Achievement Award is the late Graham W. Dennis owner and publisher of The Chronicle Herald, Halifax NS.  Mr. Dennis died last year at the age of 84 after spending more than 57 years with the newspaper.  Born in Halifax in 1927 and a fiercely proud Nova Scotian, Graham Dennis became publisher in the days of typewriters and telegraphs and presided over one of Canada’s few independent newspapers into the Internet age.

Mr. Dennis, as he was known to all on his staff, was still proprietor of The Halifax Herald Ltd. and publisher of The Chronicle Herald well past his 80th birthday. His tenure at the paper extended into the digital age, when newspapers are as well-known for websites as for newsprint.  It is an era that would have seemed utterly foreign to him in 1954 when, at age 26, he became publisher after the death of his revered father. Never during that time did he lose faith in the idea that a daily newspaper should be a force for positive change in the community, as well as a business.  He was responsible for hiring hundreds of journalism students for summer work terms and was a friendly counsel and advisor to hundreds of other journalists throughout his career.  Because of his leadership the Chronicle Herald is still a dominant newspaper in Canada.