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2013 Atlantic Journalism Awards Finalists


Slug/Label LGB
Date Aired or Published Oct. 25, 2013
Media outlet where first aired or published: Herald Magazine (The Chronicle Herald)
Name of Program:
If co-produced, list partner: By John DeMont, Illustrations by Russell Jackson
Location: Halifax
List awards, grants:
Running time (TV/Radio):

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

The Herald Magazine was looking for a way to kick off a series on Senior's care in its sister newspaper. Senior writer John DeMont had a painful personal story to tell: his father had died of alzheimer's disease three years ago. Now his mother--with whom he has had a tumultous relationship--was herself deep into dementia. The story--the most difficult one this experienced journalist had ever written--was as much about DeMont's relationship with his mother as it was about dementia. As such it is the culmination of a lifetime between parent and child. At the same time Herald Magazine dispatched freelance illustrator Russell Jackson to Joan DeMont's nursing home. For two weeks he watched and sketched at the Berkley Senior's residence. We think his illustrations, like the written story, are extraordinary.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

The unique nature of the story--essentially the relationship between mother and son--was a life-time in the making. It took DeMont probably a week to write the piece. Freelance illustrator Russell Jackson spent the better part of two weeks sketching Joan DeMont in her senior's residence.

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