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Date Aired or Published april 19th, 2020/jan 31, 2020
Media outlet where first aired or published: NL Herald
Name of Program:
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Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

This was so meaningful. We got a doctor and a nurse and a grocery store employee and a bus driver and we had to do socially distanced pictures all shot on different locations and on different days to be safe. This was in the middle of our lockdown. As you can appreciate, getting the ok to do this from all the people and their bosses and our bosses and getting a photographer to agree because of liability, well, it was crazy. We ran this cover twice. Once digital (April 19th) when we had to stop distribution because of the lock down, and again on Jan 31st.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

For me, arranging the photo shoots and the subjects and getting permissions to access them for the photos required took at least 75 hours. When you are dealing with eastern health employees (our doctor and our nurse)it took time and consideration and a whole bunch of trust. This was in the height of the pandemic and everything was shut down. The interviews took about 5 hours over the phone, then another 5 hours to write and put together. Then we had the tributes to organize from other essential workers to round out the piece, reaching out to firefighters and correctional workers and the like to submit images to us for this very important and historic feature. Staff Writer, Dillon Collins, rounded this impactful feature out with his contribution and it became such a team effort. This feature was in the early days of not only a pandemic but working form home, so navigating the world of not working together in an office space really tested our abilities, and I feel we delivered to our valued readers on this one and many others.

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