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Date Aired or Published Sept. 26, 2018
Media outlet where first aired or published: thelaker.ca
Name of Program:
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Location: Fall River
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Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

After hearing about a devastating house fire on the morning of Sept. 25, Reporter Pat Healey gathered details from the local volunteer station chief, and scoured Facebook to try and find a connection or the owners to speak to them. Word came that their cat was missing so being a pet and cat person Pat tried to help look for the cat as well. He followed up the fire story, with one on the missing cat. The cat was found by a volunteer firefighter and Pat however the cat broke it's collar as the firefighter attempted to bring it closer. The cat did eventually come down the next day for a cat rescue volunteer. Pat updated his story with talking to the family about the support they were given by the community. He was then informed about a fundraiser that Ronan, the young son to the homeowners. He attends Ash Lee Jefferson school. They raised $2,400 in one day for Ronan and his family. In total he did about four stories over the course of a 10 day span with regards to the fire. He is going to do another one when the family has rebuild their home.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

In total, it was probably upwards of four to five hours put in to all the stories and updating on twitter, Facebook, and the Laker website of this story. Plus the shares. It was one of our most engaged stories of the year.

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