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Date Aired or Published December 2019
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Name of Program: After Cornwallis
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On January 16, 2018, the city of Halifax provided what it called “Update and Next Steps, HRM Activity Related to Indigenous Affairs”. https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/city-hall/regional-council/180116rc1415.pdf For our class project, students decided to investigate what the city is doing when it comes to the following commitments mentioned in the report: Creating a Chanie Wenjack Legacy Room at City Hall (committed to in Dec. 2017) -Treaty Education -Meeting TRC Call to Action 43: fully adopt and implement the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples specifically in HRM -Meeting TRC Call to Action 47-repudiating concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous people and lands -Meeting TRC Call to Action 57- training and education of public servants on history of Aboriginal peoples -Create an Urban Aboriginal Framework-was supposed to be complete June 2018/and or/update on the new Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, where it is in planning and why it matters -Where the mayor stands on reconciliation -- The Cornwallis statue issue garnered attention across Canada but students decided to look beyond this specific issue and take a broader look at how the city is meeting its commitments to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. We worked with Maureen Googoo, who runs Ku'Ku'Kwes News to help guide us in terms of cultural context and understanding in our approach to the stories. All of the stories were complete in December 2018. Maureen plans to run them on her website at some point in the spring of 2019. In all, we produced 21 pieces of journalism in our After Cornwallis series: seven web stories, seven TV reports and seven podcasts. In keeping with entry guidelines for this award, we are submitting just three of those (one podcast, one web story and one TV story) as an example of the overall project.

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