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Slug/Label 1. Gulf Fishery; 2. Donald Trump; 3. Viola Desmond
Date Aired or Published 1. June 3, 2018; 2. Oct 10, 2018; 3. May 17, 2018
Media outlet where first aired or published: Summerside Journal Pioneer
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1. If 2019 is The Year of the Pig, then 2018 might be called The Year of the Whale. A federal moratorium on the offshore fishery -- while the endangered right whales motored north -- saw Gulf fishermen perched between a rock and a hard place. 2. President Trump racked up another campaign promise in 2018 -- shooting down NAFTA, and maybe even a collateral Canadian dairy cow or two. 3. Viola Desmond's courage in defending universal human dignity in that New Glasgow movie theatre led to her apotheosis on Canada's TEN-dollar-bill last March -- far earthier in their motives, Claude & Beaton, when considering the price of movie popcorn nowadays, ask the obvious: "Shouldn't Viola's lovely face be gracing our TWENTY-dollar-bill instead?"

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