AJAs 2018 Finalists


Date Aired or Published March 15, 2018
Media outlet where first aired or published: CBC
Name of Program: CBC
If co-produced, list partner: Sherry Vivian, Gary Quigley, Peter Gullage
Location: St. John's
List awards, grants:
Running time (TV/Radio): 13:18

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

We received a message from a victim of a 2006 child porn and child prostitution case and went to meet her in Nov. 2016. Her story blew us away, but we knew there were substantial legal hurdles. Her identity was protected by a publication ban, so our next step was to apply to overturn the ban. During more than a year of brief court appearances, we were meeting with these women periodically to keep the story on the rails. In the end, we were devastated to lose in court. On top of not being able to use their names, we couldn't use their faces. As a result, we were left with no visuals. We made the decision to forge ahead with pseudonyms and were forced to shoot almost all new visuals. Gary Quigley and Sherry Vivian handled that and came up with all new shots. After the piece aired, their lives changed dramatically. They reconnected with family, received an outpouring of support and told us they were able to forgive themselves after years of feeling guilty.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

Myself, cameraperson/tech Sherry Vivian, and executive producer Peter Gullage worked on this story off and on for more than a year. We also enlisted the help of CBC lawyer Amy Crosbie in court. In the end, we brought in Gary Quigley to help shoot and edit footage. The TV piece was edited over the course of five days.

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