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Date Aired or Published September 2018
Media outlet where first aired or published: Atlantic Business Magazine
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The fall of Knowledge House was one of the biggest business scandals ever in Nova Scotia, but it had dragged on for 17 years worth of a too-many-to-count, un-merry-go-round of receiverships and bankruptcies, allegations and investigations into what prosecutors would ultimately claim was an $87-million fraud, lawsuits and counter-suits, decisions and appeals, followed by appeals of appeals, not to forget the longest criminal trial in Nova Scotia history. Over time, the story became almost impossible for anyone to make sense of. As an Atlantic Canadian business magazine, we had been looking for a way to tell the story to our readers in a comprehensive, comprehensible way. Sentencing day for the two principals in the criminal case in the summer of 2018 became the vehicle for finally telling the story. Journalist Stephen Kimber sifted through the court, public and private records to uncover the story of what really happened and why it mattered.

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