AJAs 2018 Finalists


Date Aired or Published March 28, 2018
Media outlet where first aired or published: Tri-County Vanguard
Name of Program:
If co-produced, list partner:
Location: Yarmouth
List awards, grants:
Running time (TV/Radio):

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

A local mother in Yarmouth had lost her daughter to human trafficking a couple of years earlier when she was killed in a car accident with a john. The mother – a self-proclaimed Nancy Drew – vowed to find out as much as she could about what happened to her daughter and to help others going through the same experience. Because Maddison couldn't tell her story anymore, it was left to her mother Jennifer Holleman to be her daughter's voice. We spoke after she had made a presentation to House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, which was studying the issue of human trafficking and what can be done to combat it.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

Didn't have any extra budget to work on this story. Spent the better part of an afternoon with the mom, talking about Maddison. This would have been one of many stories I wrote that week so it wasn't as if I could pull myself out of the story writing stream but it did take hours to write. Felt a huge responsibility to do right by Maddison and her mom.

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