AJAs 2018 Finalists


Date Aired or Published May 2018
Media outlet where first aired or published:
Name of Program:
If co-produced, list partner:
Location: Halifax
List awards, grants:
Running time (TV/Radio):

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

In 1998, a violent American felon named William Chandler Shrubsall terrorized Halifax. During his summer rampage of violent assaults, he became a part of city lore. Twenty years later, as Canadian officials prepared to release him to U.S. custody, journalist Richard Woodbury began work on a retrospective story.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

As he interviewed the Crown attorneys and police who worked the case, he realized there was much more to this story than most Haligonians realized. With meticulous research and carefully interviewing, Richard shares previously undisclosed details of the investigation and new insights into Shrubsall’s personality and motivations. This story (one of Halifax Magazine’s five most-read stories of the year) sparked an avalanche of coverage from other local media, as well as an equally popular follow-up story in Halifax Magazine.

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