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Work of Laura Meader


Slug/Label Meader Body of Work
Date Aired or Published various dates (see explanation)
Media outlet where first aired or published: CBC Charlottetown
Name of Program: Compass
If co-produced, list partner: N/A
Location: Charlottetown
List awards, grants:
Running time (TV/Radio):

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

Halls Covid Losses Oct. 15 With so many gatherings not allowed, I thought halls and organizations would be suffering so I called around to confirm. Logistically many halls were not open til later in the day- but I was able to get a rural hall and a bingo hall and spoke with several others on the phone. I wrote the web story same day and the tv version ran the next day. Local Food, Nov. 5. Covid-19 has created such an awareness about buying local I thought I would check to see if places were busier. They confirmed that although they were worried at first they were in fact doing well. Some having their best year. Logistically I had to travel out of town and include several locations. I did the web story same day and tv the next day. Bad Road, December 30 I reached out to a man on facebook about his post, but he didn't want to do an interview-but a neighbour called me back. I had also contacted the province for an interview or information during that time. I started shooting around 230- but it was one of those stories the visuals said it all, I got a statement from the province and got it on air for 6pm that night. Item intros: COVID-19 has led to endless event cancellations and for groups that rent out event space, this has been a difficult time. Many are non-profits and they depends on room rentals to bring in revenue. Laura Meader has more The pandemic has been very hard on many businesses. Many have seen a significant drop in customers. But some local food businesses here on the Island have actually seen a growth in demand during this time. Laura Meader explains. Some people in Mermaid say they can't drive on their own road. They say it's in terrible shape, and it's damaged their cars. They want government do something to fix it up sooner, rather than later. Laura Meader reports

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

I am mostly a daily news video journalist, I work by myself, shooting, writing and editing with the help of a senior producer who vets my script. Usually same day turn around is the expectation.

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