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Surfing towards change in North Preston, N.S.


Slug/Label Surfing towards change in North Preston, N.S.
Date Aired or Published sept. 8, 2020
Media outlet where first aired or published: CBC
Name of Program: CBC Nova Scotia News / CBC The National
If co-produced, list partner: CBC The National
Location: North Preston / Martinique Beach
List awards, grants:
Running time (TV/Radio): 6:40

Short explanation of the story and how it developed:

This is a story about how, in one of Canada’s most historic Black communities, they’re challenging history. Generations of people in North Preston, Nova Scotia remember a time when they didn’t feel welcomed at nearby beaches. This documentary aimed to capture the move that is currently bringing people from North Preston...to the coast. With the help of Nova Scotia's experienced surf community, Black people in this part of Nova Scotia are now reaching for their surfboards...and grabbing hold of a chance to make a difference. This story was pitched to The National by producer Jill English. It was shot by camera operator Steve Lawrence and written and presented by Tom Murphy. The goal was to tell a country-wide audience about a growing movement being driven by the Black community in Nova Scotia. From the outset, it was important to frame the story that way. We were conscious of not leaving the impression that this was a white surf community led initiative. That's important because one of the aspects of the story that made it special was the empowerment that the North Preston community was feeling now that more of their young people were taking up the sport.

Resources of the newsroom (money and time) available to complete the story:

The story was shot over two days using ENG, go-pro, and drone cameras. We consulted with a Black producer in Toronto as well as a Nova Scotia community person to ensure our approach was culturally sensitive.

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