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2020 Updates: Untitled, The Legacy of Land in North Preston


Date Aired or Published Dec. 15, 2020
Media outlet where first aired or published: www.northprestonland.ca
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This 2020 project is a series of update interviews about the issue of land title in the African Nova Scotian community of North Preston. Our fellow RTJ students began this project in 2015/16. Our class wanted to find out what has happened for people in the community since the province announced $2.7 million in 2017. Our new videos can all be found under the "2020" tab on the website. Significantly, we were able to get Premier Stephen MacNeil to speak publicly about this issue for the first time in a one-on-one interview. When past students first tried in 2015, no government official was willing to go on camera about the issue. COVID-19 restrictions meant we had to have a safe and simple approach to the technical aspects of these videos, but we feel the stories are powerful and important nonetheless, and add to the understanding of this historic injustice facing many African Nova Scotians in this province. This was a class project that involved 25 students working in small groups. Vanessa Parrish was the student assigned as Executive Producer.

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